The Story

RV Storage Capital Partners (RVSCP) was created when a couple of RV Storage entrepreneurs and a nationwide RV Storage Broker decided to team up with a couple of Investment Fund experts to form a dynamic group poised to scale an RV Storage Private Equity Investment Fund.

Fund Summary - Key Investment Merits
Target Investor Net IRR (after fees) 14 - 16%
Preferred Return 0-8% 100% to LPs
Catch Up 8-10% 100% to GP
Carried Interest 80% to LPs, 20% to GP
Management Fee 2%
Fund Target $25M
Distributions Quarterly
Fund Life (Years) 7+ (2) 1 Year Ext
Fund Type Closed End
Fund Rules Reg D 506(c), 3(c)5
Minimum Investment $250k
Year Founded 2023

Scaling Net Income

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