The Sauce

The RV Storage Broker on our team has spent the past year gathering data on existing facilities across the US and knows the market better than anyone. He has created relationships with hundreds of RV storage owners and operators during this process and knows which facilities would be an ideal fit for our process. This knowledge and access to off market deals is a huge advantage for building a portfolio of sought after properties. Our non-institutional approach gives us the flexibility to work with owners to find a win-win solution that benefits both parties.

Explore Lucrative Opportunities in Value-Add Properties

Our deal flow exceeds $300M of value-add properties that have passed our first review. This allows us to pick and choose the most profitable deals from a wide selection. Early partners who join us will share in the best deals; however, all our picks will have considerable opportunity.

Once an asset is added to our portfolio, we will deploy our team to immediately get to work applying our proven system to maximize the upside and elevate the cash flow. This process includes an immediate marketing campaign, minor upgrades such as security cameras, automated gates, software upgrades, general facility updates like paint, signage, surface improvements, a rate increase, implementing a tenant insurance program, and then major upgrades like expansion to add spaces. As the asset approaches its full potential, a determination will be made between putting it on the market for disposition or holding it and doing a cash-out refinance. The decision will be influenced by the cash position of the portfolio, market conditions, and financing options.

Optimizing Efficiency Through Strategic Expense Management

Expense reduction and control is one of the best plays in this industry. By combining administrative tasks and costs into one management team, we can share resources among all assets and lower overall costs. Customer service, reservations, and accounting will be handled in one office for all the facilities. Part-time contract employees will be utilized to cover any onsite tasks.

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