The Market

It’s commonly known that self-storage is one of the best real estate sectors to invest in. RV storage is even better:

Lower operating costs

Lower labor costs

Fewer turnover costs

Lower maintenance costs

Lower construction costs (new build or expansion)


The retail value of new RVs produced per year (DSI, Apr 2023)

1 in 12

Of every vehicle-owning households owns an RV (DSI, Apr 2023)


Ratio of total number of RVs to total number of storage stalls in the US


Number of new RV deliveries expected in 2024 (RV Industry Association)

Increasing RV Sales

Over the last 7 years, there has been a steady increase in the RV lifestyle which translates into increased demand for RV Storage. Especially as many new homes are built in planned communities that restrict boat and RV parking.

That steady increase went off the charts shortly following the COVID shutdown. The recreational vehicle industry experienced the largest boom ever as boats, RVs, trailers, and everything in between were snapped up by people looking to get out and do something while being able to practice social distancing. People came out of the woodwork — literally thousands of new RV owners who had never even considered owning a motorhome, travel trailer, or boat.

RV Storage was experiencing a shortage prior to the epidemic. The boom in RV sales sent things over the top, and it’s projected that the balance will not be restored for the next 7 years.

RV storage facility acquisition
RV storage facilities development
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