An Investment Fund Management group dedicated to creating value through strategic acquisition, development, management, and disposition of RV storage facilities.

If you are looking to partner with a management group that has the experience, deal flow, network, and a team to invest alongside, then join us. Combine that with the opportunity to invest in an emerging sector that is in its infancy stage, and the potential is wide open.

Primarily in the US Sunbelt Region, where the concentration of RVs can be found.

Reg D 506(c) with a 3(c)5 exemption. This is open to accredited investors only.

As a partner, you will be committing to a 7-year lockup period. This time period will allow us to turn multiple deals, building momentum and scaling to maximize returns. Potential partners looking to build wealth should inquire further to see if it makes sense for us to work together.

We really like the idea of incorporating solar into our projects from an environmental and financial perspective. As soon as it makes sense, we will begin adding solar to further reduce expenses and create another revenue stream. There are also some favorable tax incentives and preferred lending benefits. Lastly, municipal and community sentiment towards environmental projects tends to be more positive.

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